Brie has just completed a 600 hour massage certification program that is approved by New Jersey's standard of education for massage therapy. In the state of New Jersey (as of 2014), one CAN NOT perform any type of bodywork before obtaining a New Jersey state license. Brie's license is currently pending and awaiting the state's process of approval. When this process is finished (which unfortunately takes at least 6 weeks) Brie will be able to provide massage and bodywork services once a license number has been issued to her. In the mean time, Brie is taking this time to continue her study in therapeutic modalities. Brie has extensively trained in Thailand with her teacher Homprang in Thai Bodywork and through the course of this year has been trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone therapy and Cancer & Mastectomy massage. Come early 2017 Brie hopes to be of service to the community in a positive way and be able to share all the knowledge she's obtained through her studies.

Please feel free to email Brie with any questions that you may have !


Thank you for your patience and understanding!