thai yoga bodywork


1 hour



1 hour & 30 min



Complete Thai experince

2 hours



Thai Yoga Bodywork

with Thai Foot reflexology

1 hour & 45 min



Thai Yoga Bodywork

with an emphasis on the abdominals

1 hour & 45 min



Other therapeutic services

(on the table with lotion)


Swedish Massage

1 hour $80

1 hour & 30 min $100

2 hour $150


Deep Tissue

1 hour $90

1 hour & 30 min $120

2 hour $185


Therapeutic massage w/ reiki

1 hour & 45 min






*doterra essential oils can be added to any service

                 Photos above by Chutima Treearayapong of Chiang Mai , Thailand


*Complementary consultations are included into each session

*All Bodywork sessions are tailored to each individual need


-Please contact your doctor if you have any concerns whether you are healthy enough to receive bodywork treatments. Thai yoga bodywork and other Therapeutic services offered are not meant to cure or treat any ailments or diseases. That being said there are many benefits.


Benefits include:


Relieve stress

Reduce anxiety

Manage low-back pain

Help fibromyalgia pain

Reduce muscle tension

Enhance exercise performance

Relieve tension headaches

Sleep better

Ease symptoms of depression

Improve cardiovascular health

Reduce pain of osteoarthritis




how to prepare for a session


-Wear loose comfortable clothing

-Don't eat or drink too much at least 1 hour before

-Please reserve uninterrupted time for your session (it will benefit us both) :)

-Please make sure you are free from heavy fragrances, cosmetics, cigarette smoke and sweat to get the most out of your experience 



Post session

-Drink as much water as you can through out the rest of your day. Manipulation of the muscles and lymph releases toxins that you will want to flush out of your system.

-Try to refrain from any heavy lifting, over strenuous exercises, sitting in one position for too long and hot yoga. 

-DO try some gentle yoga and stretching.

-DO listen to your body


cancellation policy

Please give the courtesy of at least 24 hours advanced notice in the event that you should need to cancel your appointment. Last minute cancellations have a negative effect on my schedule and prevent me from filling the time with another appointment.

Thank you 


*cash only*

sorry for any inconvenience