R  E  L  A  X




These are some of the fortunate symptoms you would experience during and after you receive a Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork session. This unique healing modality is unlike any typical form of bodywork. If you are scared, don't be. You don't have to be flexible or know how to do yoga in order to receive a treatment. You as the receiver relax and enjoy all the benefits, while the practitioner does most of the work. 



This 2,500 year old tradition is kept alive in Thailand by a deep cultural preservation. This ancient knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. We are lucky enough to study and gain this knowledge right from the source. As a result, we can participate in the preservation. 



"Nah ah nah wa  rokha payatii  winat santi"

"We pray for the one we touch, that he or she may be happy and that any illness may be released from the person's body."