Face & Upper Body Rejuvenation

“Relaxing, great release of upper body, neck and head tension” - Alison D

Best massage I’ve had

“Brie is an amazing practitioner who takes her time and uses the perfect amount of pressure. She knew when to go deeper and when to lighten up, checked in to see how I was doing, and made sure all of my trouble areas were taken care of. I’ve had a lot of massages and this was by far the best I’ve ever had and have already scheduled my next one!” - Viki Q

Deep Tissue Massage

“Brie was able to access and relieve the tightness in my neck and shoulder! My complete experience was wonderful!!”- Nancy B

Feeling Great

“My first treatment with Brie was her thai massage and I could not have been happier. I left feeling lighter and brighter. Woke up the next day energized and grounded. I highly recommend it.” - Jennifer P

Thai & deep tissue massage

“After my incredible appointment yesterday, I want to chat a little bit here about Brie and the healing magic she shares with her clients. ✨
I had a pretty gigantic realization yesterday. 🤯before and after every session, Brie and I check in.
I usually storm in the office with frantic, chaotic energy and I hurriedly share something about my basic physical condition and superficial feelings of overwhelm. Checking in afterwards, however, usually reveals a DRASTIC change in the way I feel. Thai Bodywork specifically focuses on the body’s energy lines and clears out “stuck” energy so your body can work on healing.
I find that it COMPLETELY transforms my physical awareness and energy level and, leaving a session, I feel grounded, safe, and MUCH MORE physically connected. I speak with less pressure, I’m able to find my words, and I feel still in a way I don’t usually feel.
Brie is also a very talented LMT and, yesterday, I did a deep tissue massage because I was feeling particularly uncomfortable and my spoons were looooow. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated and had this noticeable feeling of undeniable happiness, a feeling I DID NOT have when I stormed in that morning. ⛈ it took a few hours to pinpoint what was different but I finally realized that this happy, free feeling was my body’s reaction to FINALLY being out of pain.” -Lisa T

Incredible service

“I booked a Thai body work appointment with Brie and was extremely happy with the service. She is very knowledgeable and educated in what she does. Very relaxing and rejuvenating service. Can’t wait to go back for my next service. Highly recommend.” -Claire F

Face & Upper Body Rejuvenation

“Had a great upper body and head massage. The facial cupping was so relaxing and helped my sinus pressure. Super relaxing atmosphere. Already made my next appointment! “- Jack H

Highly recommended!!

“I had my first Thai Massage experience with Brie this weekend, and after I immediately booked my next session. Brie is a master of her craft, the ambience of the space is extremely inviting, and the entire experience was sheer bliss. I cannot wait to see Brie again. If you are curious about the benefits of a Thai Massage, I highly recommend giving it a try- You are in Brie’s expert hands and will not be disappointed.”

-Kaitlin W

Face & Upper Body Rejuvenation

“Very relaxing and therapeutic. Definitely a great stress reliever. Highly recommend a visit . Brie is a skilled practitioner . You won’t be disappointed.'‘ - Madonna C

Deep Tissue Massage

“Very comfortable atmosphere and great massage” - anonymous

Thai Bodywork

“I have sought out many different versions of massage / techniques over the years being an avid over-user of my back muscles. This was my first experience in a Thai Body Massage setting. It exceeded my expectations. The firm pressure to problem areas of my mid-upper back was key. I will be returning for routine sessions. Thanks again.” -Brandon W

Thai Bodywork

“I loved my Thai massage with Brie it was relaxing as well as therapeutic.”- Marlene A

Thai Bodywork

“I have chronic back pain and Thai massage has helped my back a lot. This is also relaxing and helps me lessen my anxiety too. I look forward to this. The atmosphere is very calming too.” -Kathi K

Thai Bodywork

I am so happy with the results from Brie at Mudita working on me. Tension that I have been struggling for an untold amount of time, has greatly diminished in just one session. In short, I feel physically and mentally, much more balanced and stable. This thai massage was outstanding! - Jacob D

Facial Cupping and Deep Tissue Massage

Brie was excellent. Loved the face cupping. I would tell anyone to try it! Well worth it. The room is clean and so peaceful. - Christina D