Jivamukti & Yin Yoga

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Kirtan every first Tuesday @ 7:15!

Join us @ Lovelight on main in forked river for a free community kirtan lead by Brie! Kirtan is the coming together of community to chant ancient mantras that have been sung for thousands of years.

What Jai Uttal has to say about Kirtan:

  "There is no right or wrong way to sing kirtan. Kirtan can be breathtakingly beautiful, the music can be stunning and masterful; and it can be cacophonous, dissonant, and almost painful to the ears. Aesthetics don’t matter. All that matters is the spirit, the feeling. Don’t worry about what you sound like, feel whatever you feel, have no expectations, no inhibitions. Kirtan is an oil well digging deeper and deeper into the heart. A power tool of love and longing. A train carrying us home. Make these kirtans your own prayers and use their power to set fire to your own soul. We sing together and each person has a totally unique, individual experience. Yet by singing together we give strength, safety and passion to each other, and give ourselves permission to sing and dance freely, releasing and expressing through our voices and bodies, the emotions tightly locked in our hearts. The pain of separation is one with the bliss of union." -

*Vegan treats served after*




Spiritual Warrior (set sequence)

@ Inlet Yoga in Manasquan




Spiritual Warrior (set sequence)

@ Inlet Yoga in Manasquan




Yin yoga

@ Ohana Rising in Ocean Grove





@ Inlet Yoga in Manasquan




Jivamukti Open

@ Inlet yoga in Manasquan


Class Descriptions


jivamukti open

A Jivamukti Open class is usually a 75-90 min class that includes the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga (ahimsa, nada, shastra, dhyana, bhakti). This class tends to be a more vigorous but nourishing vinyasa practice in which the sequence changes from week to week. The time frame allows the room to explore inversions, creative sequencing, alignment, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. Spiritual teachings are infused into the class based on the Focus Of The Month(a spiritually focused essay written every month by various Jivamukti Yoga teachers).

It is suggested to have knowledge of some yoga postures before attending this class due to the fast paced nature of the class and the fact that the teacher does not demonstrate the postures during this class. Instead, hands on adjustments are made through out the class in order for you to progress in your practice. That being said if you wish to NOT be adjusted for any reason please let the teacher know before hand.

spiritual warrior

Spiritual Warrior is a set sequence that fits all of the elements of a Jivamukti class in one hour. It is a fully balanced class which includes asana warm-up, chanting, setting of intention, surya namaskar, standing poses, back bends, forward bends, twists, inversions, hands on adjustments, meditation and relaxation. The teacher focuses on keeping the pace moving and does not stop to give spiritual discourses. Since the asana sequence is always the same, a student will pick it up quite quickly after only a couple of classes. This is intentional so that eventually the sequence becomes a moving meditation.



Yin yoga on a physical level is a practice where yoga asanas are held passively for minutes at a time instead of counting the breath as in a flowing vinyasa class. The composition of a Yin class is mainly time spent in yoga postures on the floor to allow the target area of the body to become muscularly soft and have the support of the floor to aid in this result. In a vinyasa style yoga class the muscles are stimulated by aerobic movements. Ligaments and tendons are not really affected due to the minimal time spent in the posture and because of muscle engagement. Ligaments and tendons are only effectively reached by time, a healthy amount of stress applied to an area and the relaxation of muscles. The approach to a Yin class has three key elements. Find your edge; coming into the posture to a place where you are having an experience but you are not to your maximum or causing any sharp pain. Be still; consciously trying to release and soften into the posture not adjusting your body too much. Holding the position; being with the position for minutes at a time to allow the body and the target area to relax and access the deep connective tissue. 

Yin yoga on an energetic level concentrates on working with the meridians (energy lines of the body). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 72,000 meridians in the human body. These energy lines are invisible to the human eye and are connected to the organ systems of the body . They can be felt through experience of physical sensations in the body. These sensations may be a tingling throughout the body or a presence of emotion while in a posture for example. It is said that when there is tightness or pain in the physical body that the energy line to that area is blocked. The health of the meridians determines how the CHI(life force) flows through the meridians. This affects our health and overall well being . The postures of Yin yoga look to open up these channels and clear away these blockages in order to release that energy out of the body and allow for deep healing. There are many benefits to Yin yoga. One would consider this practice if they are interested in having enhanced energy flow in the meridians, loosening of tight fascia, increased range of motion, decrease inflammation, increased blood flow throughout the body, increased flexibility, being in stillness, reduced stress and anxiety,bone loss prevention, energetic balance to the internal organs, and an overall sense of well being.



A Yin/Yang class is a marriage of opposites. Yang being sun/male energy, movement, heat building and energizing. Where Yin is more moon/female energy, cooling, stillness, quiet, contemplative and non engaging. This class is structured with gentle flowing vinyasa movements in the beginning of class and then the last half of the class you are guided through a contemplative, quiet Yin practice. The best of two worlds meet for a really nourishing practice that leaves you feeling stretched out and DE-stressed. This class is suitable for just about everyone.